Special Offers



We are all used to SUPER SPECIAL deals. And, starting right now, we also have a SUPER SPECIAL deal for all of you.

This month, we are focusing on Heartworm Prevention, offering a big discount on heartworm testing.

We are having a beautiful summer to enjoy; but, sorry, also A LOT of mosquitoes to deal with.

Do you know what can happen to your pet when they are bitten by a mosquito? Your pet can get Heartworm Disease from a single infected mosquito.

Do you know the cost of Heartworm treatment? Treatment for Heartworm Disease is very expensive. And, if not treated, your pet could go through a slow, painful death.

Do you know there is a solution to avoid this expense and heartache? GOOD NEWS! You could avoid Heartworm Disease by simply giving a monthly preventative to your pet. But, we do need to run a blood test for your pet before he/she can start using a preventative.

To keep your loved one healthy and happy and to reward your loyalty to our practice, we are offering a special discount coupon. This is a limited time offer. So, call us today at 216-531-5225. To print coupon, click on the link below.  One coupon per pet. Restrictions apply.



To learn more about heartworm disease in dogs: https://www.lovencarevet.com/pet-health-resources/pet-health-articles/articles/?rid=773

To learn more about heartworm disease in cats: https://www.lovencarevet.com/pet-health-resources/pet-health-articles/articles/?rid=273


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