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    Antifreeze Poisoning

    Nov 30 2018

      Antifreeze poisoning is one of the most common forms of poisoning in small animals, and this is because it is so commonly found in households. Antifreeze poisoning typically happens…

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    Basic Puppy Care

    Nov 24 2018

    If you are contemplating getting a puppy this holiday season, preparation is critical to the proper acclimation and development of your new addition. Here is an excellent video to get…

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    Why Should You Keep Your Cat Indoors?

    Nov 16 2018

    Cats do not have nine lives – Just one. Here are nine reason why they are healthier inside your home. 1. Not everyone likes cats. We know you love your…

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    Holiday Travel With Pets

    Nov 09 2018

          If you have travel plans this holiday season, are you planning to take your pets with you? There is a right and a wrong way to go…

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    FREE Examination

    Nov 02 2018

      FREE FREE FREE During the month of November, FREE examinations with vaccinations. PROMO CODE: NOVFREE That is a savings of $35.95! Must have promo code at the time of…

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    Holiday Hazards

    Oct 31 2018

    Keep your pets safe this season. THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS APPROACHING FAST! For many, the next few months will focus on family, friends and good cheer. But, for your furriest…

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    Do Cats Get Arthritis?

    Sep 01 2018

    Do cats get arthritis? Most senior cats do have osteoarthritis (OA). As a result, veterinarians assume any cat over 10 years of age has OA, unless proved otherwise. The most…

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    Back to School Special

    Jul 21 2018

    FREE  FREE  FREE You probably don’t hear that too much these days. Well, we want to change that.  Free FECAL EXAMINATION with all yearly wellness exam and vaccination visits. This…

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    So You Got a New Puppy. Now What?

    Dec 23 2017

    Congratulations on the new addition to the family! A pet is a lifelong commitment and requires care, socialization and training. If this puppy was purchased for a child, YOU should…

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    Teeth Can Be A Real Pain

    Aug 08 2017

      Dental Pain┬ácan be a real problem for our pets. They cannot tell you when they are suffering from a toothache or other signs of pain. So, we need to…