Jan 23 2017

Can you get worms from your pet?

Can you get worms from your pet? Yes you can! 

There are more than 150 zoonotic diseases which can be transmitted to people from animals. Your pets can be born with certain parasites from their mother, or they can pick them up from other animals by licking them or by eating infested grass from outside. These parasites lay microscopic eggs in your pet’s stool. Sometimes, these parasitic eggs can be stuck to your pet’s paws, tails or other furry parts.  So, it is possible for you to pick up these parasites by handling your pet and not washing your hands. Don’t panic! Prevention is the key.

The best prevention for you and your pet is proper sanitation. Most common pet parasites are Roundworms (pictured), Hookworms, Tapeworms, Toxoplasmosis, Coccidiosis and Giardia. roundworms

To find out if your pets may either have been born with or picked up any parasites later on, it is recommended to have their fecal examinations done regularly – once or twice a year (more if your pet tested positive for parasites).  The prevention key is regular stool testing, good sanitation, and caution when handling your pet. During the months of January and February, we will offer FREE fecal tests with your pet’s yearly examination and vaccinations –  if you mention this blog! 


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